Stands with Fists – Healing from Abuse

I have written a book called “Stands with Fists – Healing From Abuse” to give those living in or recovering from abuse a voice.  This book has been a lifetime coming.  It is something I have wanted to do forever; write a book about the impact of all abuses with the main focus around emotional and verbal abuse – even though all types of abuse are included – and in doing so, give it a language and a voice.  Growing up in abuse made that so.  It is my belief that verbal and emotional abuse are the least understood because of the invisible nature and therefore needs to have a voice.  It was the main type of abuse I have experienced throughout my life and my difficulty in being able to leave it was because it was not understood and always minimized by others when I attempted to tell.  For me, it was never given the validity it deserves

Today I start a conversation with my personal story, my knowledge as a clinical social worker and the care and compassion that I extend to all of you through the lessons I’ve learned and am still learning.  Having been a clinical social worker for over twenty years, I have worked with all types of abuse and neglect.  I will share both my professional knowledge and personal life events to connect with those of you living or recovering from a life of abuse.  Through my words, my hope is that you will find your own words and voice.


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